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 so many projects.....

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PostSubject: so many projects.....   29th January 2012, 9:47 pm

First topic message reminder :

Well, this won't be so much a build thread, but more of a chronical story as to how I got to where I am with my current trucks..

starting with the first truck that I can find pictures of.
This was my 77 blazer that I bought for 300 bucks, back around 2004. Made payments on it even. when I bought it, I drove it home through town. on my way, the rear fender well fell out... the other one was already missing. 100% stock. I got the 35x15.5x15 bald swampers for free. through them on tore the doors off, and wheeled it. did some drunk modifying, and replaced rod bearings every other time I drove it.

Well that truck didn't last long, and after I moved, I drove it nose down into a creek, where it stayed for about 3 months before I pulled it out. I thought I had pics of that, but I can't find them. I ended up cutting it into chunks bbig enough to be hauled to the scrap yard, in a geo spectrum...

Skip forward a year or so around 2007 after my first deployment, and I bout this 75 K5 with bald 38's, 10 bolts, with 4.10's and a built 454.


I ended up trading an awesome 79 toyota 4x4 that I had for a brand new set of 35x15.5 tsl sx's and put them on. Wheeled it like that for a little bit.

The green truck was my brothers. More on that truck later on.

So after awhile I got froggy and put a cage in it, out of another truck that I had (sorry no pics) but I never did finish mounting the cage, so it stay held in by a big ratchet strap for a year, and the truck never went on another wheeling trip, other then around the house.

Added the tool box as well.
I ended up selling the 35's in hard times, but capitalized on a set of 42's and 3/4 ton axels shortly after.

While that truck was sitting, I went through a few more projects, to include, but not limited to this beauty.

Which I broke the frame too, so used most of the parts to bolt this beast together. 40 inch ground hawgs, half ton axels, worn out 305, and no reverse.

Now at this point, I had met my best friend, Matt (aka.Chevydaddy) so things started getting almost serious in the truck world.
(not him in the pic)

I ended up selling that truck for 800 dollar profit, and got to work on my k5 some more. got it going, with no brakes of course.

I had gotten rid of the rear blocks, and added my shackle flip, but not much else changed, just 4 inch lift, and a welded rear end.

long story shot, I ended up with a beat up 79 3/4 ton so I parted out/ traded off alot of the blazer, but kept the motor, and swapped it in. I also gather another set of 40 inch ground hawgs. this truck was my first 4 speed truck, and I loved it.
This is coming on about 2010.

I ended up blowing up my 454 shortly after this, and parted out/ traded off the whole truck.

I ended up buying this gym in 2011 and used it the way it was for just normal chores, and some scrap hauling.

Made it to the scrap yard, unloaded, drove to a friends house, and the trans died. Wouldn't do squat. I had a TH400 laying around so I swapped it in, and while I was at it, added my 3/4 ton axels, with rear disks, my shackle flip, and some 35 inch military tires.

Well with the news of my new deployment coming up, I started to part this truck out, and sold the axels out of it, but nothing else. And through the wonders of the intra web, and my buddy Matt, I got it back on half ton axels. some 35's, and had my roll cage and sliders installed.

This is alot how this truck is sitting now, waiting on some more parts. and a set of 36x12.50x15 TSL's to go on it.
This truck is no longer my wheeling rig, but more of a huntin/ fire wood truck.
Which caused me to start hunting out another project. and sourcing parts. I am forever grateful to Matt for doing all of my running around and pickups.
I ended up finding this gem to start with.

and found these. D60/ 70 combo, DRW, 4.56 gears.

Picked this up for a quick rebuild. 91 454, with SM465.

Grabbed these as blems off the interco site. 44x18x16.5 boggers. and had Matt mount them on some hummer rims, with trailworthy fab PVC inserts.

Took him a bit, but he figured it out.

Thats about it for now, hopefully I will be bringing more updates up soon, but I cannot stress how much this would not be possible without Matt. He has got to be the best friend a guy could ask for.
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PostSubject: Re: so many projects.....   23rd October 2012, 1:55 am

Any progress? we need more pics! thumbs up

94 Grand Cherokee - 4.5" lift, 32" swampers, skid plates, rocker rails. Soon to come - 8.8 rearend, adjustable control arms, 4.10 gears, 35's
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Join date : 2012-01-29

PostSubject: Re: so many projects.....   24th October 2012, 11:12 pm

Aside from rebuilding the front axel, and gathering parts to do a rear disk brake swap not much has been going on. I'm currently down in Ft. Hood TX for a couple weeks, and will hopefully get some things going when I get back home. I am trying to gather parts that I need to get backs tarted on my big truck. I still need to get some parts for my big block. I did test fit my corbeau seats, and got my cross over steering on.
Really just been getting my sami ready for hunting season. once I get home and get the front end back together, I'll weld the rear end and it should be ready to go. I will get some updated pics when I get to the house.

OH YEA!~ I did take the sami wheeling a couple weeks ago...

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Posts : 108
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Join date : 2012-01-29

PostSubject: Re: so many projects.....   24th October 2012, 11:12 pm

The links are a couple small videos.
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PostSubject: Re: so many projects.....   

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so many projects.....
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