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 Strong Box Doubler - Behemoth Drivetrain - KY

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Behemoth DT

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PostSubject: Strong Box Doubler - Behemoth Drivetrain - KY   27th January 2012, 7:35 am

[SIZE="5"]Do you need lower gears? More torque?
Regearing your axles can get very expensive...
New front ring and pinion gears ~ $250
New rear ring and pinion gears ~ $250
New carrier for lower gears ~ $200
New bearings, seals, fluid ~$150
New gear backlash setup ???? (x2)

[SIZE="5"]And, many times when you are done you have dropped your top speed to 45 MPH, while only gaining 20-30% gearing. And you are still limited to your transfer case's stock incompetent gearing.[/SIZE]
[SIZE="5"]But, now you have another option:[/SIZE]
[SIZE="7"]THE STRONG BOX[/SIZE] [SIZE="5"]$599 + $200 core charge, tax and $55 USA 48 shipping[/SIZE]

[SIZE="4"]The Strong Box gives you, not just one low range to choose from, but you actually have 4 different gear selections at the shifter, to get you through the many different off road situations that a hard core wheeler like yourself is sure to encounter. The 2.7:1 gear ratio nearly triples your transfer case's torque.

And at the end of the day, you shift into HI, and drive it home at a respectable top speed.

[SIZE="6"]At some point, the weak link on your trail ride will be the obstacles that you encounter, and not your rig. The Strong Box will give you the edge that you have been looking for.[/SIZE]

[SIZE="5"] Any Strong Box purchased before 2/16/2012 will recieve a FREE shifter. After that, they will be $75. [/SIZE]

[SIZE="5"] •~2.7:1 Low range multiplier
•Low profile design minimizes / eliminates fitment issues with floorboards, exhaust, front driveshaft, shifters, etc...
•72 position, 360º clockability in 5º increments
•New 4340 chromo output shaft
•3/8" plate steel adapters, CNC cut, precision machined and welded
•Fluid level sight tube, drain plug, and particle magnet
•Integrated lugs / bolt tab for mounting in custom applications
•Linkage or cable shift ready
•Easy installation: No machining, or welding required; only minor drilling in some applications*[/SIZE]

[SIZE="4"]The Strong Box kit for uses stout planetary gears from used transfer cases. This kit is designed to be compatable with nearly all Full size Ford transfer cases, including the NP 205 transfer case, and allow use of the original NP 205 shift rails with little to no modification, even with most "twin stick" conversions.
The low profile, compact design of our Strong Box also allows more options for installation, and minimizes fitment issues that other similar kits are know for; such as, floorboard, exhaust, front driveshaft, crossmember, frame rail, etc... These are all factors to consider when choosing the right doubler for your project; THE STRONG BOX.
The total height of the Ford Strong Box is 10", less than 5" from shaft centerline to top of Strong Box. The length from transmission mounting surface to mounting surface for rear transfer case is only 10 3/8".
Many similar kits might require you to go to the junkyard and dig up a rare ancient beast of a transfer case, that will only multiply with 1.96:1 low gears, even after you have wrestled it home and disassembled it, hoping it is in good working order. Or they may require you to hack and weld the magnesium case, or hope that sealant will last a few years before it leaks. When you need to clock the transfer case in a different position, you have to drain and disassemble.
However, our Strong Box kit is ready to bolt on * when it is delivered to your door via UPS. Just don't forget to pour in the gear oil. If you ever need to clock the trasfer case in a different position, you remove 6 bolts, rotate the transfer case to the desired alignment, replace 6 bolts.

The Strong Box is essentially a torque multiplier. How much torque would your rig be putting down if you multiplied your current torque by ~2.7?

As well as the Strong Box, we also make a twin stick kit that bolts on at the encoder motor location of a BW1356 and allows you to have 2wd LOW. For the manual shift BW1356, we make a kit that adds a 2wd LOW position in your shift pattern with no modifications, exchange core parts only. We make a bolt on rear support for the NP205 that is infinitely clockable and offers very versitile mounting.
One of our goals is to bring the planetary cases up to speed. The old cases are getting more and more rare.


[SIZE="5"]Price is $599 + $55 shipping + $200 core charge [/SIZE][SIZE="4"]for now, but I can guarantee you that it will go up a little bit at a time, just like everything else.[/SIZE]
[SIZE="4"][SIZE="5"]Get a $200 refund.[/SIZE] You can send me your core first, and I can make sure its all good and give you a discount on the front end, but if you change your mind, and want it back, or don't want to order a kit anymore, or just want to get paid $200 for your core, then you just sent me a free core. This discount only applies to people who WILL buy a kit. [/SIZE]
[SIZE="5"]Make sure to check out our website.

Save $ with a Core Discount.

Thanks for the orders so far!

When you send us your core parts:
[SIZE="4"]YOU[/SIZE] need to be sure that the input/planetary gears you are supplying us is the correct spline configuration and length to work with your transmission and the transfer case being provided for the doubler.
[SIZE="3"] 1. Spline configuration and spline length:[/SIZE]
It should slide on and give you at least 1-1/4" spline engagement before mounting surfaces of the transmission adapter (a.k.a. 4x4 tailhousing), and the transfer case being provided for the doubler meet.
There should be no gap indicating interference of things like bearing retainer or the transmissions output shaft bottoming out in the input before mounting surfaces meet.
If your output shaft proves to be bottoming out, but the splines are compatable, you measure the gap it makes, and add 1/4" to get the amount you should cut off of your transmission's output shaft.
[SIZE="3"] 2. Transmission/ donor transfer case bolt pattern:[/SIZE]
Although we make can adapter plates to mismatch bolt patterns, it does add 1/2" to the overall length of the doubler. It works out better if the bolt patterns are the same. If not, this would qualify as a hybrid, and may end up costing about $100 more if there aren't at least 10 people wanting them (and paying) at the same time.

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Strong Box Doubler - Behemoth Drivetrain - KY
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